Free GA4 Audit Tool

In 90 seconds we check everything from data collection to attribution and deliver you a line by line audit absolutely free.

Your number one fear as a marketer is having bad data. And without a proper audit, that's exactly what you're left to wonder about...

When your data isn’t accurate

And that means marketing won’t have a proper direction, money will be wasted and you’ll be the focus of the wrong kind of attention. No marketing professional should have to live this way.

Integrate Business Data Across Platforms

Authorize Your Account

Sign with Google and grant read-only access to the account you want to audit.

Run the Audit

In ~90 seconds the audit will evaluate over 70 data collection issues.

Review the Findings

Results are broken into 4 categories each with passing, failing or needs-review scores.

What You Get with the Free GA4 Audit

Audit Results

Audit results are broken down into 4 key areas each having a section of passing, failing and needs manual review issues. You can expand each issue to learn more.


Where applicable data collection grades may be based on known benchmarks in which case we point that out. How much of your traffic should be direct? is one such example.


When you expand any particular issue we'll tell you what we looked for, what we expected, your result and why it matters, Additionally you can click 'Your Data' to see what the tool found.

Video Guides

Which each description we include a button called 'How to fix' where our engineers discuss what your issue was, what the likely cause was and what the most probably cause is so you can get to work fixing it.

How it Works

Grant Read-Only Access with to Your GA4 Account

Run Your GA4 Audit and Get Results in 90 Seconds

Empower Your Marketing with Clean, Accurate Data

What Makes This Audit Different?

This GA4 Audit tool was built to help our clients, and now we’re making it free for you. 

Most GA4 Audits

Human performed audits are expensive and take forever to get done let alone fix your problems. 

Free GA4 Audit Tool

You deserve to know what’s going on right now, so you can fix it now and get accurate data now.


Is the GA4 Audit really free?

Yes. We don’t limit the results either, you get everything at no cost.

What does adMind get out of this?

Good will. Some of you won’t want to fix all the issues yourself, that’s where we’d come in.

Do I have to buy your UA replacement reports to get my audit?

Nope. We built the UA Replacement Reports to help you get back what GA4 took away.

What if I get a lot 'needs manual review' results?

That can happen. It just means something is going on that may be fine, or may not be, depending on what your strategy is. If you’re not sure, reach out and we can help.

How many times can I run a free report?

As many times as you want for as many GA4 properties as you want.

Which direction should I hang my toilet paper?

We leave the roll sitting on top of the holder. Just another example of how we think outside the box!