Proper Analytics Implementation

We put our talented team of marketers, project managers and engineers to work building you a proper analytics program.

Project Management

What is the service offered?

During implementation you’ll have an assigned Project Manager that will work to ensure your roadmap is being executed.

They’ll call out roadblocks, keep the teams accountable and field change requests as the project unfolds.

You’ll meet with them weekly during implementation.

The Team

Department: Project Management

Analytics Architecture

What is the deliverable?

The Analytics Architects will design a complete solution for your analytics environment after carefully reviewing the findings of your Solution Design Audit.


The Team

Department: Solution Design

Data Collection

What is it?

The Analytics Engineers will focus on accurate data collection. Making sure tracking is properly placed and that data is flowing properly from one system to another.

The Team

Department: Engineering

Data Engineering

What is it?

The Data Engineers will transform, enrich and clean up data via a series of logical, well-documented steps that create trust around data accuracy to make sure marketing teams can act on it reliably.

The Team

Department: Engineering

Data Visualization

What is it?

The Visualization Engineers will take the clean, centralized data and prepare it for human consumption so that your team can quickly see what’s working and what’s not.

The Team

Department: Engineering

Analysis for Insights

What is it?

The Data Analyst looks through your data with you to surface insights you may have gone blind to, or to answer specific business questions posed by your team.

The Team

Department: adMind

Questions? Let's talk about what you need.

We want to hear what you’re dealing with so we can be as helpful as possible.

Working with adMind

Strategy Call

Speak directly with a solution engineer instead of a sales rep to discuss what your goals are and where your team is getting stuck.

30 Minutes

Engagement Details

We make sure all the stakeholders are on-board and understand the details of an engagement.

3 Business Days

Audit & Solution Design

We interview all stakeholders to understand what your business needs from marketing analytics, and then we review all your data collection and consumption practices.

10 Business Days

Implementation by Phase

With the findings from our Audit and Solution Design we create a phased approach to implementing the engineering work required to build your new analytics environment.

Depends on Scope

Periodic Outcome Reviews

During and at the end of each phase we review outcomes, roadblocks, wins and areas for improvement to ensure the 'hope' of improved outcomes is turning into your reality.

12 Months In

Future Engagement Planning

For some organizations a single phase is all that is needed, for others multiple phases are required and in most cases, even after the initial work is done, business return for updated work as their business needs evolve.Anytime
team conference call
team around desk

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