Product Led Marketing powered by Analytics

Optimize insights around the customers experience with your product.

Expand Market Reach

Product led marketing powered by analytics will show you where user groups are coming from that are the highest engaged in the product allowing you to scale up acquisition in those areas.

Lower Acquisiton Costs

Yes, costs will be lower when users don't have to pay for the product - not a sustainable business model. However, it becomes much easier to upgrade customers who are already in love with what you do.

We can build an analytics program that will surface these insights quickly.

Improve Conversion Rates

With a proper analytics program you will see what is working or not working faster and with more depth and confidence.

You can graduate from 'gut feel' to data driven marketing as you evaluate all the relevant customer touch points and iterate on ways to improve them.

Customer Behavior Has Changed

Too many sales and demo experiences are built around hype and best case scenarios. Customers are tired of being sold a bill of goods that doesn’t actually meet their needs.

We can help you build an analytics program around a product led marketing strategy to quickly surface meaningful insights your team can use to improve the product offering and the marketing messages simultaneously.

We Provide the Expert Service You Need

adMind helps marketing teams leverage paid social media channels by building strategies and executing day to day management that will influence your customer at the most critical stages of their journey. 

All of this powered by properly created analytics and reporting.

What adMind Offers You

A proper analytics practice is not a software product, it’s not a tech stack, it’s a strategic plan that uses technology to provide you with valuable insights. We help you organize your data (traffic data, website data, customer data, accounting data) around the customer journey you are trying to influence. From there we ensure tracking is accurate and well defined, data points are being properly passed from one platform to the next and that you have reporting you can do something with.

Solution Design

Our Analytics Architects will design a proper analytics environment for your business.

Accurate Data Collection

Our Data Engineers work to ensure your data is accurately collected, quality controlled and prepared for use by your team.

Analytics Migrations

Upgrading from UA to GA4? Transitioning from Google to Adobe? Looking for something custom, we can help you navigate the process and implement a scalable solution.

Customer Journey Analytics

We build all of our analytics systems with the goal of helping you better understand your customers needs, wants and desires.

Transformational Insights

As an analytics consultancy our primary objective is to deliver clean, reliable insights your team can use to improve business outcomes at scale.

Team Training

We're more than happy to train your team along the way to make sure you get the most from any engagement with us.

Book Your Free Strategy Call

To you moving forward, your first call will be with an analytics engineer, not a sales rep.

Specialized Skills

We know it can be tough, we see it all the time. Most marketing teams are tasked with driving revenue and at the same time are asked to be technology integration engineers. These marketing teams are then left fighting all kinds of data issues rather than spending their time influencing marketing.

We have a group of people with very special skill sets assigned to you based on what you need.

Custom web analytics audits delivered in the last 7 years.
Team members here in Salt Lake City, UT.
The number of times we haven’t been able to help.

Ready to see how proper analytics can drive growth for you? ​

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2. We Optimize Your Analytics

3. Grow Your Market on Data You Trust

Measuring the Impact of Marketing

adMind Analytics is a team of specialized technical and strategic engineers, programmers, analysts and strategists. We don’t just ‘fix reports.’ We work with brands who want to activate their marketing data from traffic acquisition all the way through customer lifetime values. No technology alone can create the specific and strategic plan your business will need in order to get the most from that data, and that is where adMind comes in. It starts with a call to discuss your business goals and immediate analytics needs. Then we perform a strategic audit to see if you have the right technology to support your goals, if that technology is configured properly and tracking accurately. This often spans a review of your analytics tech stack, acquisition platforms, CRMs and any other tech toys you may have on the shelf. Once we know your goals and have diagnosed where you sit today we can create a roadmap for building out a proper analytics practice. You may decide to load all that work into a few months or over a longer period of time based on what is important to know now, and what you’d like to build towards knowing in the future. Better insights, better outcomes.


What is product led marketing?

Product led marketing, or product led growth, are references to the primary means by which the marketing team engages an audience. It’s typically used in software as a service or SaaS, models.

In the case of product led marketing, the goal is to get consumers using the product as heavily and as often as possible as quickly as possible.

Many times this is accomplished through a freemium model where certain basic functions of the software are free while more robust features are reserved for paying customers.

What is an example of product led marketing?

Personal finance trackers like Mint offer customers a version of their product at no cost.

Dropbox offers a basic amount of storage at no cost before requiring payment for higher storage amounts.

Hootsuite is a social media management software that allows you basic account features at no cost before charging for more advanced tools.

Should I be using a product led marketing approach?

It depends on your product offering and business model.

If you have a high touch product that requires complicated on-boarding then your business model may not be able to support paying account reps to bring on non-paying customers.

If you’re product doesn’t have a robust feature set that adds significant value to the basic or free version, it’s not likely users will upgrade at a scalable rate.


Brands That Trust Their Analytics to adMind

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Ready to see how proper analytics can drive growth for you?
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