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We’re a specialized agency that brands contract with to implement, clean up or maintain their web analytics accounts so they can stop wasting time fighting data and start using it to measure the effectiveness of their digital campaigns.

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Why adMind

Companies hire us because they want:

  • experts fixing their problems
  • maximize value from analytics
  • insights to move the needle

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Working with us

Here is how we deliver a proper analytics system configured to measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

  • Discuss analytics concerns
  • Perform comprehensive review
  • Deliver insights and roadmap
  • Prioritize and fix issues
  • Weekly status calls, insights, training
  • Adjustments as needed
  • Long term strategic planning

Put Our Team To Work For You

Michael Query

Founding Engineer

Stephanie Dent

VP of Operations

Tyler St Clair

Director of Analytics

Meaghan Randall

Senior Analytics Project Manager

Joe Tingey

Head of Outcomes

Courtney Dent

Analytics Consultant

Jeremy Pyne

Analytics Engineer II

Jared Carlisle

Analytics Engineer II

Justin VanDongen

Senior Paid Media Manager


In most cases a working relationships starts with an audit that goes 10 business days deep into your analytics systems to see if you’re set up to answer your businesses most pressing questions. We then deliver an itemized set of insights and recommendations, you prioritize the list and we get to work.

While pricing varies depending on the needs, working with us is going to be more than $1,000 but not more than $10,000.

A good measure of fit is how much you’re spending on digital media ads monthly. Most of our clients are spending $20k to $2M monthly in ads and need help tracking, organizing and leveraging the resulting data without having to hire a specialist internally.

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There’s too much at stake to feel iffy

Marketing stakeholders are dealing with more data from more places than ever, but what do you do when it’s not lining up, or just feels iffy – which platform, if any, is giving you valid information? And even if you knew why something was off do you have the time or expertise to log in to the code and fix it?

Our team has dealt with analytics issues both in previous roles and as part of our agency so we understand the frustration that comes from not being able to trust your data. As developers, analysts and strategists our team has fixed countless analytics accounts and we can fix yours.



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How to Grow Your Business on Data You Trust

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Measuring the Impact of Marketing

Google Analytics should be helping you optimize marketing profitability and conversion rates. In other words, a healthy Google Analytics account tells you what you are getting for what you are spending and whether or not you’re improving in the areas that are most meaningful to your business.

The reason this doesn’t happen for most businesses is because Google Analytics is no longer a ‘set it up once and it should be working’ tool. So old or incomplete GA accounts create data anxiety because they provide so much conflicting or mismatching (or missing entirely) sets of data.

Our priority is to understand your unique business so we can use that as a lens for auditing your account which allows us to see where the gaps are. We then work together with you to close those gaps and give your team accurate, reliable and easily accessible marketing data.


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