Google Analytics 360 Expert Consulting

GA360 is just the first step, we’ll help you navigate how to use the features to truly maximize your data driven decision making.

Unprecedented Data Precision

Choose GA360 for unparalleled data accuracy and advanced marketing capabilities, enabling your team to gain deeper insights, optimize campaigns, and leverage unsampled data for more effective and precise decision-making in a data-rich environment.

Larger Amounts of Data

Teams get frustrated constantly trying to figure out why the numbers don't match up.

Advanced Views

Is your code properly deployed and are you updating tracking every time you update initiatives?

Enterprise Support

Not all of your data centers will naturally join the same users data together, how are you solving this?

where we can help with GA360

Custom Configuration

Set up GA360 with custom tracking, event tagging, and goals tailored to your business objectives.

Advanced Reporting

Reports that provide actionable insights, so you can quickly identify trends and opportunities.

Data Integration

Integrate GA360 with other marketing and advertising tools, such as CRM systems and ad platforms.

Attribution Modeling

Understand the impact of each touchpoint in the customer journey and optimize marketing spend accordingly.

Optimized A/B Testing

Refine website elements, landing pages, and marketing driving better engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Data Governance

Ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR.

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To keep you moving forward, your first call will be with an analytics engineer, not a sales rep.

do you need ga360?

Feature GA4 GA360
Event parameters
25 per event
100 per event
Explore Sampling Limits
500 shared per property
1000 shared per property
Explore Sampling Limits
10M events per query
1B events per query
Data Retention
up to 14 months
up to 50 months
BigQuery Export
Daily Export Events: 1M events
Daily Export Events: Billions
Data Import
Storage Limit: 10GB
Storage Limit: 1TB

Let our analytics agency assess your needs and evaluate whether GA360 or GA4 is the ideal fit for your brand. Our expertise ensures you’ll invest wisely in the analytics tool that maximizes your data insights and marketing effectiveness, optimizing your ROI.

Our team will make your team look amazing!

getting the most from hubspot

We use Hubspot at adMind, we love it, we know how to get the most out of it.

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To keep you moving forward, your first call will be with an analytics engineer, not a sales rep.

your tools our expertise

Your data lives in all kinds of places. Ad platforms, tag managers, website analytics, your own internal systems – and often with a smattering of tools in between.

Regardless of the tech stack you currently have, we can bring the data together, help you focus on what matters, and make sure the right people see the data they need to make better decisions and improve business outcomes.


Our team will make your team look amazing!

making marketers look good is all we do

Being in charge of implementing marketing technology is a difficult place for marketers to find themselves, we get it. Before coming to adMind we all wrestled with marketing data, solving that problem is how we got started.

Our team will make your team look amazing!

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To keep you moving forward, your first call will be with an analytics engineer, not a sales rep.

google suite product experts

all the analytics skills one goal

it takes a village to generate insights

Our service offering provides you with access to a complete set of analytics engineering skills.

Role: Analytics Architect

The design of an analytics system based on business needs, its configuration, the customer journeys that are encompassed, and the function of the website, app, etc.

What data should be collected (including metadata), what events should be collected (and what should trigger their collection), how the analytics system cooperates with other tech that is in use.

How it should be grouped or rolled up to accommodate answering meaningful questions.

Role: Analytics Engineer

The implementation of tracking such that the analytics architecture is translated into a real-world system. The verification of all events, triggers, and integrity of the data both at time of collection and in the destination systems that collect the data.

Role: Data Engineer

The transformation, enriching, and cleanup of data via a series of logical, well-documented steps that provide the capability of a business to trust the output data.

Through this process there should be singular places to get each piece of output data. The logic behind the cleanup processes should be congruent across an organization.

bearded man with hands on face

Role: Visualization Engineer

The translation of clean, enriched data into meaningful dashboards, reports, exploration tools that leverage visualization to facilitate meaningful interpretation of data with as few distractions as possible.

woman smiling

Role: Data Analyst

Through the use of dashboards, reports, and exploration tools (which could include ad hoc SQL work), mining for insights (something different than expected or new opportunities).

This can take the form of answering an explicit question from within a business, exploration for the sake of seeking insights, or at the prompt of a monitoring system.

Role: Optimization Engineer

Pulling the learnings from each step in the process our teams come together to create ideas for iterative testing our clients can use to narrow down the cause and effect of the insights discovered in their data.

This allows everyone to move forward with confidence knowing what each lever in the campaign is doing to contribute to increased ROI.


Solution Design Audit

Review analytics people process and tech to propose improvement plan.



Building out the analytics system created during Solution Design.

Emergency Support

A certain amount of hours dedicated to resolving a specific issue.


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To keep you moving forward, your first call will be with an analytics engineer, not a sales rep.

frequently asked questions

What is Google Analytics 360?

Google Analytics 360 is a premium, paid version of Google Analytics designed for enterprises and businesses with extensive data and analytics needs. It offers advanced features and capabilities compared to the free version of Google Analytics.

How does GA360 differ from the standard Google Analytics (GA4)?

GA360 offers features such as unsampled data reporting, data integration with other Google products, advanced segmentation, custom variables, and longer data retention, making it more suitable for larger organizations and complex analytics requirements.

What are the pricing and licensing options for GA360?

Pricing for GA360 varies based on factors like website traffic and data usage. It’s a subscription-based service, and the cost depends on your organization’s specific needs. Contact Google for pricing details.

What are the best practices for integrating GA4 with HubSpot for lead attribution?

Best practices include setting up UTM parameters for campaign tracking, integrating HubSpot and GA4 using Zapier or other tools, and creating custom attribution models to attribute leads properly.

Can GA360 be integrated with other marketing and advertising tools?

Yes, GA360 can be integrated with various Google marketing and advertising products, such as Google Ads and BigQuery, to enable more comprehensive data analysis and attribution modeling.

What is unsampled data, and why is it important in GA360?

Unsampled data in GA360 means that you can access and analyze all your data without data sampling, providing more accurate and detailed insights, especially for websites with high traffic.

Does GA360 provide dedicated support and service level agreements (SLAs)?

Yes, GA360 customers receive dedicated support, including account management and technical assistance, as well as SLAs that guarantee a certain level of data processing and support.

Can I switch from the free version of Google Analytics to GA360 if my business grows?

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade from the free version to GA360 as your business scales. Google offers a process to migrate your existing data and configurations to GA360, making the transition smoother. However, it comes with associated costs.

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Measuring the Impact of Marketing

adMind Analytics is a team of specialized technical and strategic engineers, programmers, analysts and strategists. We don’t just ‘fix reports.’ We work with brands who want to activate their marketing data from traffic acquisition all the way through customer lifetime values. No technology alone can create the specific and strategic plan your business will need in order to get the most from that data, and that is where adMind comes in.

It starts with a call to discuss your business goals and immediate analytics needs. Then we perform a strategic audit to see if you have the right technology to support your goals, if that technology is configured properly and tracking accurately. This often spans a review of your analytics tech stack, acquisition platforms, CRMs and any other tech toys you may have on the shelf.

Once we know your goals and have diagnosed where you sit today we can create a roadmap for building out a proper analytics practice. You may decide to load all that work into a few months or over a longer period of time based on what is important to know now, and what you’d like to build towards knowing in the future.

Better insights, better outcomes.

Brands That Trust Their Analytics to adMind

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Ready to see how proper analytics can drive growth for you?
Schedule a strategy call today. Learn how a proper analytics practice can help you:

  • Maximize your tech stack.

  • Develop influential content.

  • Align your org on KPI's and metrics.

  • Focus teams on what matters.

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