GA 360

Enterprise analytics tool for marketing teams dealing with 10M+ unique hits per month.

Unsampled Data

We help you accurately connect and join data from your ads platforms, web analytics and internal CRMs.

Bigger Feature Limits

Get  your team on the same page with what inaccuracies are functionally acceptable and those that are not between different data locations.

Enterprise Support

An insight should be defined as a deviation from what you expected to happen. Seeing the change is one thing, trusting that it has meaning is something else entirely.

Where Will GA 360 Fit?

Google is currently retiring UA in favor of GA4 and we’re not entirely sure what the impact will be to GA 360.

However, we do anticipate some enterprise level service with a similar level of advanced features.

Larger Amounts of Data

Teams get frustrated constantly trying to figure out why the numbers don't match up.

Advanced Views

Is your code properly deployed and are you updating tracking every time you update initiatives?

Enterprise Support

Not all of your data centers will naturally join the same users data together, how are you solving this?

We Will Make Sure You Are Prepared

Regardless of what Google does for the enterprise level needs, our team of engineers is ready.

  • Consistent Insights

    We will you build an analytics practice that delivers accurate insights consistently so you can grow your business.

  • Data You Can Trust

    We can accurately deploy and QA the data collection across all your systems so you know what you have is accurate.

  • Organized Data

    We have the experience to help you design an analytics practice that is organized around your business goals.

  • Technical Credibility

    We can help you bridge the gap between marketing requests and development team needs.

  • Accessible Data

    We will help make sure you are getting the right data to the right people so they can make decisions and stay informed.

  • Scaleable Growth

    With consistent, reliable data you can generate insights and do more of what's working and less of what isn't.

adMind Analytics Pricing

Insights from marketing data don’t come from a software product, it’s not a tech stack, it’s a strategic plan for aligning marketing data across multiple systems. We design analytics solutions, which means, we help you plan, collect, clean, visualize and analyze the marketing data relevant to your business goals. From there we ensure proper quality assurance practices are in place so that as your campaign initiatives change your ability to accurately report on them does not.

Start with Audit and Solution Design

Audits are helpful for two reasons.


First – They allow us to see how your current analytics system is trying to, or failing at, serving your business.


Second – By evaluating your marketing analytics we see first hand where the gaps are and it allows us to plan a roadmap accordingly.


See Audit Pricing

Implementation Work

Once an audit is completed we can begin working towards the desired outcomes.


We’ll work with you to prioritize the issues that need to be fixed first against all issues on the roadmap.


Each week your team will meet with our Project Management team to discuss needs and updates.


See Hourly Rates

Emergency Services

Sometimes you have analytics needs that are time sensitive to the business. This is not our preferred method of engagement.

How it Works

We Understand

Being in charge of marketing data collection is a difficult place for marketers to find themselves, we get it. Before coming to adMind we all wrestled with marketing data, it’s why we started adMind. Through the years we’ve come to understand what it takes to get the right mix of people, process and technology in place to build proper analytics practices that scale as your business grows.


Custom web analytics audits delivered in the last 7 years.


Team members here in Salt Lake City, UT.


The number of times we haven’t been able to help.

Ready to see how proper analytics can drive growth for you?

1. Tell Us What
You Need

2. We Optimize Your Analytics

3. Grow Your Market on Data You Trust

Lot's of Specialties. One goal.

From project management, to solution design to business analytics – our team is uniquely skilled to build your analytics.

Measuring the Impact of Marketing

adMind Analytics is a team of specialized technical and strategic engineers, programmers, analysts and strategists. We don’t just ‘fix reports.’ We work with brands who want to activate their marketing data from traffic acquisition all the way through customer lifetime values. No technology alone can create the specific and strategic plan your business will need in order to get the most from that data, and that is where adMind comes in.

It starts with a call to discuss your business goals and immediate analytics needs. Then we perform a strategic audit to see if you have the right technology to support your goals, if that technology is configured properly and tracking accurately. This often spans a review of your analytics tech stack, acquisition platforms, CRMs and any other tech toys you may have on the shelf.

Once we know your goals and have diagnosed where you sit today we can create a roadmap for building out a proper analytics practice. You may decide to load all that work into a few months or over a longer period of time based on what is important to know now, and what you’d like to build towards knowing in the future.

Better insights, better outcomes.

Brands That Trust Their Analytics to adMind

Book Your Free Strategy Call

To keep you moving forward, your first call will be with an analytics engineer, not a sales rep.


Why is data accuracy important?

Without confidence in the accuracy of your data you will be left making decisions based on your ‘gut.’

Surprisingly, studies suggest your ‘gut’ is actually quite an intuitive little partner, but wouldn’t you feel less anxiety if you knew the information you were considering as part of the decision making process was accurate?

What is an example of data accuracy?

Marketing data has a different definition of accuracy than say, accounting data. Due to internet speeds, browser settings and myriad of other factors your marketing will data will never represent reality with 100% accuracy.

In marketing, your data should be under reporting your reality by between 5 and 10%. Meaning if your accounting system shows 50 new deals your marketing should have reported at least 45.

If your marketing data is over-reporting your reality, so 50 new deals in the bank and marketing shows even 51 – you have an accuracy issue.

The key is being able to maintain the 5-10% disparity over time. The gap should be consistent.

How can I tell if my data is accurate?

Internal data like accounting information should be your North Star. From there your marketing data should be reporting 5-10% less.

If your marketing data is reporting more than your actual known reality, be it lead counts, purchases, etc, you have an accuracy issue.

Is there a difference between data accuracy and data quality?


Data accuracy is the practice by which you ensure you have numbers that effectively represent reality.

Data quality is how well those numbers empower you to effect change.

What is technically acceptable data accuracy?

Technically acceptable data accuracy is when the data does not represent reality but falls within an acceptable margin.

Your margin is unique to the various conditions of your market, business and other operations but should fall somewhere between 5 and 10%.

Marketing data should always under report reality AND the margin should be consistent over time.

What is technically unacceptable data accuracy?

Anytime your marketing data is reporting more than your reality you have technically unacceptable data.

Measure your marketing impact

Ready to see how proper analytics can drive growth for you?
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  • Develop influential content.

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