Start Your GA4 Migration Today - Don't Put It Off!

If you don’t migrate to GA4 now you’ll risk having gaps in your data, losing time recreating key reports and generally looking stupid unprepared.

Why Start the GA4 Migration Now?

Keep Reporting Alive

GA4 will not have your UA data, so if you don't start collecting data now in GA4 you create reporting gaps.

Flatten The Learning Curve

GA4 is an entirely new way of viewing web engagement. It will take some time to learn and leverage the features in the new tool.

Save Time, Improve ROI

You want your team leveraging the new features in GA4 to improve ROI by the deadline.

Time is up

As of July 1 2023 Google Analytics is no longer collecting your data.

Google has indicated you have another 6 months at least to view your data.

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20-year-old Architecture

Universal Analytics is ancient by tech standards. The iPhone wasn’t even released when Google Analytics launched! Digital analytics needs to deal with a hybrid app/web, cross-device world. GA4 is built for this.

Data Integration and Ownership

Effective digital analytics comes from joining web analytics data with CRM, email, ERP, ad-buying and more. We need ownership and granular access to our data to do that. GA4 pipes our data to a BigQuery warehouse for free!

GA4 Migration Features/Benefits

Everything about the way you collect and present data moves from session based to user based and it’s going to feel very frustrating if your team doesn’t have a plan for leveraging all the new features.

Big Query Integration

You can now integrate your analytics data directly with BigQuery at no cost allowing you to create more meaningful and tailored reporting.

More Data, Unsampled Data

The caps for raw data are much higher with GA4 giving you a more accurate picture of multiple user segment behavior.

Cross Platform Tracking

Track users engagement data across all your platforms to better understand the entire experience.

Advanced Segementations

You can now create segments based on events which will allow you to better message audiences based on what they did or did not do on your website.

Complete User Journey Tracking

It will be even easier to see the entire journey a user takes as they engage with your content allowing you to quickly see the most profitable paths to conversion.

Advanced Analysis

In summary you are getting a much more granular view of the user data collected on your site, with many more options for how you collect and present that data.

GA4 Migrations with adMind Analytics

Design the GA4 Solution

We work with your stakeholders from marketing to IT to c-level to create a plan that ensures GA4 is set up and configured so you get the most from your marketing analytics data.

Requirements Preparation

Collect the Data for GA4

Our engineers will audit and review all your data collection points to ensure they are accurately collecting the data you need to drive business growth.

Join the Data from GA4

GA4 data is just one step in the overall experience you have with your audience, our engineers will make sure we are collecting and joining data across all your marketing platforms.

Visualize the GA4 Data

Visualization engineers then go to work making sure the available data is prepared visually to surface relevant insights quickly.

Analyze GA4 Data for Insights

Our entire team works with your marketing team to identify where the opportunities are to reduce friction and increase efficiency to improve your ROI.

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adMind Analytics Pricing

Quality insights are not a software product, it’s not a tech stack, it’s a strategic plan for aligning marketing data across multiple systems. We design analytics solutions, which means, we help you plan, collect, clean, visualize and analyze the marketing data relevant to your business goals. From there we ensure proper quality assurance practices are in place so that as your campaign initiatives change your ability to accurately report on them does not.

GA4 Starter Projects

Quickly get GA4 online and accurately collecting your data.

How it Works

Solution Design Projects

Solution Designs allow us to understand your business objectives and the current people, process and technology powering your analytics.

From those discussions we can build, implement or migrate an analytics system designed to improve your desired outcomes by surfacing insights to the people who can act on them.

See Solution Design Pricing

Building Out Your Solution

We’ll work with you to prioritize the issues that need to be fixed first against all issues on the roadmap.

Each week your team will meet with our Project Management team to discuss needs and updates.

See Hourly Rates

GA4 Consultants with a Full Compliment of Skills

You don’t need these skills “full-time/all the time” but you do need them to migrate or implement GA4.

Role: Analytics Architect

The design of an analytics system based on business needs, its configuration, the customer journeys that are encompassed, and the function of the website, app, etc.

What data should be collected (including metadata), what events should be collected (and what should trigger their collection), how the analytics system cooperates with other tech that is in use.

How it should be grouped or rolled up to accommodate answering meaningful questions.

Role: Analytics Engineer

The implementation of tracking such that the analytics architecture is translated into a real-world system. The verification of all events, triggers, and integrity of the data both at time of collection and in the destination systems that collect the data.

Role: Data Engineer

The transformation, enriching, and cleanup of data via a series of logical, well-documented steps that provide the capability of a business to trust the output data.

Through this process there should be singular places to get each piece of output data. The logic behind the cleanup processes should be congruent across an organization.

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Role: Visualization Engineer

The translation of clean, enriched data into meaningful dashboards, reports, exploration tools that leverage visualization to facilitate meaningful interpretation of data with as few distractions as possible.

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Role: Data Analyst

Through the use of dashboards, reports, and exploration tools (which could include ad hoc SQL work), mining for insights (something different than expected or new opportunities).

This can take the form of answering an explicit question from within a business, exploration for the sake of seeking insights, or at the prompt of a monitoring system.

Role: Optimization Engineer

Pulling the learnings from each step in the process our teams come together to create ideas for iterative testing our clients can use to narrow down the cause and effect of the insights discovered in their data.

This allows everyone to move forward with confidence knowing what each lever in the campaign is doing to contribute to increased ROI.

We'll Make Sure You're Prepared

A lot of marketing teams lack the bandwidth or resources to implement or maintain a proper analytics practice, let alone strategically plan for a shift from Google Analytics to GA4.

Our team will bring this strategy to the table for you. We’ll make sure your prepared, not just to maintain reporting operations, but truly leverage the power GA4 is going to allow you access to.

Better in The Long Run

The analytics world is moving away from session based data in favor of user based data and Google wants you to be in more control of your own data in world where data privacy and data ownership are constantly in flux.

We can help you plan for, and make the most of, the upcoming changes. Contact us to learn more.

Book Your Free Strategy Call

To keep you moving forward, your first call will be with an analytics engineer, not a sales rep.

What adMind Offers You as GA4 Consultants

A proper analytics practice is not a software product, it’s not a tech stack, it’s a strategic plan that uses technology to provide you with valuable insights. We help you organize your data (traffic data, website data, customer data, accounting data) around the customer journey you are trying to influence. From there we ensure tracking is accurate and well defined, data points are being properly passed from one platform to the next and that you have reporting you can do something with.

Solution Design

Our Analytics Architects will design a proper analytics environment for your business.

Accurate Data Collection

Our Data Engineers work to ensure your data is accurately collected, quality controlled and prepared for use by your team.

Analytics Migrations

Upgrading from UA to GA4? Transitioning from Google to Adobe? Looking for something custom, we can help you navigate the process and implement a scalable solution.

Customer Journey Analytics

We build all of our analytics systems with the goal of helping you better understand your customers needs, wants and desires.

Transformational Insights

As an analytics consultancy our primary objective is to deliver clean, reliable insights your team can use to improve business outcomes at scale.

Team Training

We're more than happy to train your team along the way to make sure you get the most from any engagement with us.

We Understand

We know it can be tough, we see it all the time. Most marketing teams are tasked with driving revenue and at the same time are asked to be technology integration engineers. 

These marketing teams are then left fighting all kinds of data issues rather than spending their time influencing marketing.

Custom web analytics audits delivered in the last 7 years.
Team members here in Salt Lake City, UT.
The number of times we haven’t been able to help.

All the Analytics Skills. One goal.

From project management, to solution design to business analytics – our team is uniquely skilled to build your analytics.

1. Tell Us What You Need

2. We Optimize Your Analytics

3. Grow Your Market on Data You Trust

Ready to see how proper analytics can drive growth for you? ​

Measuring the Impact of Marketing

adMind Analytics is a team of specialized technical and strategic engineers, programmers, analysts and strategists. We don’t just ‘fix reports.’ We work with brands who want to activate their marketing data from traffic acquisition all the way through customer lifetime values. No technology alone can create the specific and strategic plan your business will need in order to get the most from that data, and that is where adMind comes in.

It starts with a call to discuss your business goals and immediate analytics needs. Then we perform a strategic audit to see if you have the right technology to support your goals, if that technology is configured properly and tracking accurately. This often spans a review of your analytics tech stack, acquisition platforms, CRMs and any other tech toys you may have on the shelf.

Once we know your goals and have diagnosed where you sit today we can create a roadmap for building out a proper analytics practice. You may decide to load all that work into a few months or over a longer period of time based on what is important to know now, and what you’d like to build towards knowing in the future.

Better insights, better outcomes.


What should I do today about GA4?

GA4 is a new methodology for collecting data, which means it is a new property and not just an upgrade to your existing Universal Analytics account.

First you need to create a new property for every existing Universal Analytics property you want to continue recording data for.

From there you’ll want to make note of all the reports you’ve built and are still using so you can recreate them in your GA4 account.

Next, start familiarizing yourself with the GA4E Explore tool as this will become your primary user interface inside GA4.

Finally, we recommend you enable the GA4 to Big Query integration even if you’re not planning on doing anything in Big Query soon or ever. When the day comes you’ll be glad you pushed all the data over.

When will Google stop supporting Google Analytics aka Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics will stop collecting data July 1 2023, but will allow you to access data until October 1 2023.

Can I migrate over existing views, goals, settings etc?

You cannot migrate over existing views, goals or settings.

You should be keeping your eye out for a ‘goal to migration’ tool that Google should be releasing soon that will help you understand how to convert goals in UA to goals in GA4.

Can I run both GA and GA4 on my website together?

Yes, you can and should create your GA4 property and begin collecting data there and in UA until UA is deprecated July 1 2023.

What about my current GA integrations, will I have to rebuild them all for GA4?


Native integrations between GA4 and GA Search Console or Google Ads – will all need to be turned on again in your GA4 property.

If you have a 3rd party tool that is currently integrated with UA, you’ll need to figure out if and when that tool provider will be releasing a tool that will allow you to integrate with GA4.

Finally, if you’ve built a custom integration, anything that is hitting the Google Analytics API, it will need to be rebuilt with GA4.

Brands That Trust Their Analytics to adMind

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