Consulting for the Switch to Google Analytics 4

Your reports will no longer exist.

What do you need to be ready for GA4? Here’s an executive overview of what is coming and what needs to be done.

Don't Lose Reporting

Train Your Team

A Single Source. Finally.

What and When?

July 1, 2023 Universal Analytics will stop collection data (zeros in your reports).

Oct 1, 2023 Universal Analytics 360 will stop collecting data.

“At Least 6 Months” is how long Google has said we’ll still have access to our older data.

Despite what Google says, moving to GA4 is not an upgrade – it’s a whole new platform. This means:

  • Setting up new tracking
  • Rebuilding reports
  • Training your team on a new interface

Google... Why?

20-Year-Old Architecture

Universal Analytics is ancient by tech standards. The iPhone wasn’t even released when Google Analytics launched! Digital analytics needs to deal with a hybrid app/web, cross-device world. GA4 is built for this.

Data Integration/Ownership

Effective digital analytics comes from joining web analytics data with CRM, email, ERP, ad-buying and more. We need ownership and granular access to our data to do that. GA4 pipes our data to a BigQuery warehouse for free!

How We Help

When it comes to GA4, companies come to us looking for help in one or more of these areas.

First Setup

  • Collect data in GA4
  • GA4 and Google Tag Manager
  • GA4 and Google Ads


  • Data doesn’t feel right
  • Numbers don’t line up
  • Tracking right KPIs


  • Dashboards and GA4
  • GA4 data in BigQuery and warehouses
  • GA4 for analysis


  • Benchmarks
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Attribution modeling


  • Enhanced Ecommerce in GA4
  • User journeys
  • Magento, Shopify, etc


  • Learning the new interface
  • Leveraging the Explore analysis tool
  • Understanding users/events vs. sessions

How to Be Ready for GA4

1. Get Tracking Up Now!

2. Rebuild Your Reports

3. Learn the New "Explore" Analysis UI

Surviving Is One Thing, Thriving Is Another

Surviving is having the same functionality on July 1, 2023 as you did on June 30, 2023. It means not losing functionality (data/insights/time) when the old platform goes away. It means not letting your competition gain an upper hand in their understanding of the customer while you are diagnosing broken dashboards. It means not losing tracking of your retargeting audiences. It means being able to make decisions with confidence.

Thriving is having a single source of truth across your vendors, teams, and systems. Imagine looking at a single report that highlights an underperforming email campaign, links shows you the email creative, leads you to drill down to the subset of visitors that aren’t converting, and links you out to a set of visitor screen recordings so you can easily diagnose the issue. That’s possible!

Our priority is to deeply understand your unique business so we can help you put the technology to work to provide answers to your questions, insights to your focus and confidence in your decisions.


Michael Query

Founding Engineer

Tyler St Clair

Director of Analytics

Taylor Miller

Principal Engineer, Product

Meaghan Randall

Senior Analytics Project Manager

Stephanie Dent

VP of Operations

Jeremy Pyne

Analytics Engineer II

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