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Is Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking important?

Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics is the single most important feature you can enable for your online business.

Why is Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking so important? Because when you have Ecommerce tracking setup, which is fairly simple, you can know exactly which advertising channels are driving the most profitable traffic to your site so you know where to spend more and where to cut back.

If you are an AdWords user, it also allows you to enable their most advanced bidding feature, return on ad spend (ROAS) bidding,

If your site has hundreds of SKUs with varying prices. One visit might be worth $9.95 and another over $500. ROAS bidding in AdWords automatically optimizes for over a million different targeting variations to bring you the highest, well, return on your ad spend.

Without ecommerce tracking you’re flying blind.Y ou’re flying blind w/out ecommerce tracking. You’re flying blind w/out ecommerce tracking. You’re flying

Although setting up Ecommerce tracking is fairly simple, it does require some technical expertise. If you need help setting up Ecommerce tracking and your website then just give us a call!



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