Analytics Engineer

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Sandy, UT

Career Area

Job Function
Implementing analytics systems

Employment Type
Full Time

Position Type
Salary $90k – $150k DOE

1 to 3 years

Minimum Qualifications

We’re looking for someone who can configure analytics platforms like Google Analytics (UA) and now (GA4) who also knows how to work with Google Tag Manager and is familiar with data layers.

In addition we need someone with strong excel skills, HTML/CSS – specifically leveraging tag managers – as well as being able to read and edit Java Script. You’ll need to be able to present strong findings, stay on tasks to complete projects and be highly organized.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, economics, or related field
  • Connecting CRM data with web analytics data
  • Advanced report building in at least one: Data Studio, Tableau, PowerBI
  • Familiar with SQL-based queries (PHP, MySQL or other)
  • Experience with:
    • Adobe Experience Platform
    • Tealium
    • Paid advertising
    • ETL/ELT processes and data warehousing
A Day in The Life
How We Prepare You

Each analytics engineer has ownership across multiple clients which means prioritizing time is critical.

Solving Analytics Puzzles
Each task you work on is essentially solving a puzzle that the client wasn’t able to, our job is to ensure they get solved and solved efficiently.

Collaborate with others
One of the best ways to learn and grow is to collaborate with team members. Given we all have varied experiences it’s imperative that we constantly collaborate to collectively share our knowledge.

Improve the process
Each time you complete a task there are learnings to be gained on how to do that task better the next time around.



Secondary Content

Where You Fit In As The Analytics Engineer

Role: Analytics Architect

The design of an analytics system based on business needs, its configuration, the customer journeys that are encompassed, and the function of the website, app, etc.

What data should be collected (including metadata), what events should be collected (and what should trigger their collection), how the analytics system cooperates with other tech that is in use.

How it should be grouped or rolled up to accommodate answering meaningful questions.

Role: Analytics Engineer

The implementation of tracking such that the analytics architecture is translated into a real-world system. The verification of all events, triggers, and integrity of the data both at time of collection and in the destination systems that collect the data.

Role: Data Engineer

The transformation, enriching, and cleanup of data via a series of logical, well-documented steps that provide the capability of a business to trust the output data.

Through this process there should be singular places to get each piece of output data. The logic behind the cleanup processes should be congruent across an organization.

bearded man with hands on face

Role: Visualization Engineer

The translation of clean, enriched data into meaningful dashboards, reports, exploration tools that leverage visualization to facilitate meaningful interpretation of data with as few distractions as possible.

woman smiling

Role: Data Analyst

Through the use of dashboards, reports, and exploration tools (which could include ad hoc SQL work), mining for insights (something different than expected or new opportunities).

This can take the form of answering an explicit question from within a business, exploration for the sake of seeking insights, or at the prompt of a monitoring system.

Role: Optimization Engineer

Pulling the learnings from each step in the process our teams come together to create ideas for iterative testing our clients can use to narrow down the cause and effect of the insights discovered in their data.

This allows everyone to move forward with confidence knowing what each lever in the campaign is doing to contribute to increased ROI.

Benefits of Working With Us

Competitive Pay

There is a huge shortage of qualified technically skilled people - we know that and our salaries reflect it.

Covered Premiums

After 2 years with adMind your entire premium is covered whether you're single or have multiple dependants.

2nd & 4th Fridays Off

Your read that right, you get the day off every 2nd and 4th Friday, every month forever.

Hybrid Working

We've adopted a hybrid working model where we have a mix of people working from home or remote or both.


Where are the offices located?

The offices are located at 8661 S Sandy Parkway in Sandy Utah.

We’re in an office park located about a 1/2 mile north of the Maverick on I-15 and 90th South.

We’re just a 2 minute drive to all the restaurants near Top Golf in Murray. Lunch spots include, Cafe Rio, R&R, Pretty Bird, Mo Bettah, Popeyes, and more.

A single stop light separates us from the freeway, so getting here is pretty quick regardless of where you live in the valley.

What is the in-office situation?

Right now we’re operating with a hybrid model. Some folks like coming in and having a consistent work space, others prefer working from home and use ‘hotel desks’ that are available in the office for days they want or need to come in.

What does the office look like?

We’re glad you asked.

Just because we’re scrappy doesn’t mean we can’t look the part.

We’re putting up new wall graphics, wall art and furniture upgrades each month.

We have a full residential kitchen with stocked pantry.

We just remodeled our bathrooms with the number one measurable being ‘comfort.’ Full size mirrors, high end toilets, bathroom amenities for days.

You don’t need to come into the office every day, but when you do, we want it to be a place you enjoy coming to.

What are some adMind perks?

adMind has standard health, dental and life insurance benefits. After 2 years of employment those premiums are covered 100%.

We enjoy the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month off. 

We have a stocked pantry and full kitchen when you’re hungry. 

Once a month we do a company sponsored activity, mini golf, catching a movie, game tournaments, pizza making.

We provide the equipment you’ll need to work both in office and at home.

What is the company culture like?

We want to bring people in to adMind who are internally motivated to learn as much as they can from every role or responsibility they have. 

We call this type of person an ‘A player.’ 

People who are A players have a high standard of performance for themselves and don’t need external motivation to do their best.

Because we only choose to hire A players the culture here is collaborative, functional, results driven and devoid of politics and ego. 

What are the core company values?

Be growth minded.

Take extreme ownership.

Value progress over perfection.

Be in love with the problem.

How long has adMind been around?

adMind opened it’s doors in 2016 as a digital marketing service specializing in paid media.

As time progressed we discovered the huge need our clients had for proper analytics work, so we made a pivot to lean more into analytics consulting while still offering PPC management. 

Over the years our expertise has grown in the areas of marketing analytics, data warehousing and insight generation.

Moving forward we hope to continue helping marketers ‘measure the impact of their marketing’ through proper analytics practice.

What about the clients adMind works with?

Our clients are generally at a point where their marketing data has grown beyond the bandwidth of their internal marketing teams.

Typically this happens after a company has achieved product market fit and wants to scale their growth, or is a funded start up looking to make sure they get the most from their marketing budget.

A typical client will be spending $50k to $5M per month in digital media spend and have an marketing team of 5+ people.

Our role is to come in and design a better analytics solution, using their people, our process and the technology best suited to their business. 

We don’t sell a SaaS for analytics, we help teams design, implement and learn from a proper analytics practice of accurately collection data, properly joining it and displaying it in a way that makes sense for their team.

Key Characteristics of all adMind'ers

Growth Mindset

You thrive on challenge, and don't see failure as a way to describe yourself but as a springboard for growth and developing your abilities.

Extreme Ownership

The practice of owning everything in your world, to an extreme degree. You are responsible for not just those tasks which you directly control, but for all those that affect whether or not your work is successful.

Progress Over Perfection

This means we don't waste time fine tuning every possible aspect of a task until it's perfect at the sacrifice of moving an objective forward and learning quickly.

Success Profile

To be a good fit at adMind and for your experience here to be a good fit for you, here is the mix of soft skills you’ll need.

Problem Solver

Career Growth

Understanding Your Fit

Develop an understanding for where adMind fits in the market, and where you fit in adMind.

First 30 Days

Problem Sovling with Team

Begin participating in client problems and contributing ideas.

First 60 Days

Owning Your Own Projects

You are now taking on projects that you drive.First 90 Days

Solving Problems on Your Own

You're now driving projects on your own and delivering milestones.6 Months In

Complete Skills Mastery

Through applied skill development you are now mastering all the skills needed.12 Months In

Evaluation Next Career Steps

Let's start talking about the next steps in your career.18 Months In
two people working together
team around desk
woman works at computer
man solving problems
woman at computer
man at computer

Take the Right Next Step

Don't settle for a career where you languish, take the opportunity to learn, grow and advance your career.