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A Valentines Day Gift From adMind

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at adMind.


The theme of this loving day should be about fostering healthy and happy relationships.


Do you remember the first time you met your current significant other? I’m sure it was a magical moment. Look back, and think of the happy times you spent together. Life wouldn’t have been the same without them.


When it comes to choosing the right significant other for help with online advertising, there are many similarities.


Unfortunately you hear so many horror stories of businesses losing thousands because of poor AdWords management.


As a token of love for you, our website visitor, we would like present to you a special gift.


A 14 day free-trial of our AdWords Management services (in honor of the 14th 💕)


Why do we feel like this is the perfect gift? Because it’s kind of like asking you out for coffee. We’re not going to travel the world together only to discover that we have nothing in common (although sometimes that does work out)..


We take great pride in maintaining a healthy happy relationship with all of our clients.


To redeem your gift:


How: Give us a call.

When: Only on Valentines Day (limited-time offer.)


It is 2018 and after today this deal goes away until Valentine’s Day next year. So if you’re reading this right now and its 2019 then you better hurry and call.


When you call make sure you say the promo code “I would love to get some coffee with you.”


We look forward to it.





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