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We are hiring: AdWords Account Manager

adMind has been growing very rapidly and I am looking for an AdWords campaign manager to teach everything i know.

We are currently managing over $300,000 in AdWords spend per month, have over 100 clients and set up two to three new AdWords accounts per week. This is a dream job for anyone looking to turn their AdWords skills into a very profitable career. 

We are in the top 5% of all Google Partners due of our outstanding customer service. Our new applicant is expected to be as good with people as he is with search, video and display ads.

This is a full-time job and pay will depend on your current skill set and Google certifications.

Beyond just being a service-based business, we also develop advertising technology and applications that we still want a subscription basis. Our end goal is to be bought bye Google.

You’d be expected to come to our offices in Salt Lake City everyday with fire in your eyes and ambition that Steve Jobs would envy.

If you fit the mold then send me an email right now.to tyler@admind.io including how long you have been managing AdWords accounts, how much total spend you have managed with a screenshot of your MCC total manage media and one reason you want to make career out of managing AdWords accounts.

Know someone who fits the mold? Post this on your FB and tag them, or have them contact me directly.



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Set Up Conversions in GA4

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