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AdWords before and afters

One of the most common things we hear from you guys when you first call in is that you have worked with many different agencies or “AdWords guys” in the past, but none of them have ended up in a profitable relationship.

And after looking at your historical data, we believe you.

The good news is, it’s not you it’s them. How do we know this? By looking at “before and afters” of businesses who began using our AdWords optimization services.

Without giving away any personally identifiable information, let me present you with some of these beautiful before and afters.

Past 30 days, 24 hours after taking over management.

New interface

Old interface

For those of you who do not yet fully comprehend how to interpret the squiggly lines, let me break it down for you. The blue line in these graphs is conversion value / cost, aka return on ad spend (roas). This particular company has an unlimited budget as long as they are hitting their roas goal.

As you can see, 24 hours after adMind takes over, the dots on the graph were both the highest roas and the highest cost out of the past 30 days. And in case you don’t understand that, just know that it is a very good thing. You want to generate the maximum amount of cost at your target roas in order to maximize your business’s profits.

If you’re cynical and you can say that it’s just random chance and the future dots would likely not continue to trend up, but stay flat as they have been on the past, then let me expand our space-time and look at an account we took over about 2 months ago.

Past 6 months, 2 months after taking over management

This client wants generate more reservations for their business (blue). The past 6 months of their data shows that they had a declining trend in reservations and a steadily increasing cost per reservation (orange). Then in Dec 17 and Jan 18, under our new management, we were able to help them immediately hit new reservation volume records while hitting performance targets..

The most interesting aspect of this particular data set is that December and January are supposed to be the down months for their industry. That being the case, we could expect the blue line for reservations to continue trending up, and the orange cost per res. line to remain relatively flat.

So what can adMind AdWords management look like zoomed out 1 year?

Check out this data set from one of our client’s AdWords accounts that we actually created in January of 2017. They were only running Facebook ads and had not touched Google traffic.

All of 2017 + Jan 18, 8 months after taking over management.

The blue line is sales and the orange line is cost per sale. Take note that the final three dots on the right are all over 1000 sales each. This is just counting sales tracked from the AdWords conversion pixel, their Google analytics account actually tracked well over 10,000 sales.

adMind optimization strategies were able to help them see consistent growth month-over-month while meeting performance targets.

So, if you are currently a “before” and would be like to become one of our “afters,” then don’t hesitate to reach out. You see our ads all over the internet, or at least you will now since you read this article.

We are excited to help you optimize your AdWords account!



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