Kim Flynn’s Entreprenuer Simplified: 3 Most Shocking Realizations

mike 1/1/70


I attended Kim Flynn’s Entrepreneur Simplified this weekend and it changed the way I look at my business. Here are the 3 most shocking realizations had during her training.

  1. I am wasting $6,944/week

Have you ever calculated how much time you actually spend doing tasks inside your business that could be outsourced for $10 to $15 per hour? If you haven’t,take a second right now to think about everything you could do that could either be hired out, outsourced or eliminated. Then, think of all the things that you could do for your business if you had a system in place to handle all of your busy work. I was shocked at how many hours I was wasting. My estimated cost was sometimes as high as $6,944/week.

  1. Filling your sales funnel = filling your bank account

Ever since starting my business it has been feast or famine and I haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly why. Some months we would generate $50k in new business and then go almost a whole quarter without a sale. Kim helped me realize it was because I could only fit a few people in my marketing funnel at the same time. Her proven SellSUM marketing program focuses on constantly filling the top of your funnel with hundreds of new leads every week through an introductory product, then taking your clients through a lead nurturing process that ends in a sales cycle. When designed correctly, all you need to do is focus on putting people into the top of yoru funnel and the rest will take care of itself. This will defnitely help keep our funnel full consistently.

  1. “Business Coaching” actually works

I have never believed in business coaches. I think the main reason is that most of them are scrappy, disorganized and don’t look like they have ever built a successful company themselves. When I got an email last week asking if I could attend Kim Flynn’s Entrepreneur Simplified I was very skeptical, but I went for it anyways. From the moment it started on Thursday night I knew that I was in for  treat, but I never expected what happened next. Through a brilliantly designed curriculum, team building and leadership activities, she created bonds between each attendant that I know will last for many years to come. I was inspired by the 12 men and women in attendance and most impressed by those who had been part of Kim’s program for the past year. They were living proof that what was being taught could really break your business off of that annoying plateau and realize it’s full potential.

Needless to say, I am very glad to could dedicate this time to working on my business instead of in it this weekend. I am excited to reveal the most powerful version of adMind yet.

Here we come.