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Don’t Be The Guy That Goes Against Science

One of our favorite clients, Fit Four, has been trying to get a display campaign going for quite some time. Back in 2014, AdMind was primarily a search agency so we didn’t allocate much of their budget to display. Plus, after weak sauce cpa of $10 we just bagged it.

The difference between last year’s campaign and this year’s is simple… The more advertising you run, the more data Bid Manager has to optimize from and the better your campaign will be over time. Guaranteed. It’s math and science and you don’t want to be the guy that goes against science.

Here are some stats from the past 24 hours since we opened it up. This is a $400 spend. Watch how fast Bid Manager can pwn your CPA when you have your conversions set up properly.. This is a 24 hour period, beginning at midnight…

And check out the massive increase in conversion volume under the target CPA…

Their Amazon sales showed some positive results on Thursday, which was the day of the $400 blast. It increased their sales by about $1,200 from average.

Contact us if you want to try our Amazon Accelerator package. We can plug you into our high converting templates and have your traffic up and running within 48 hours!!



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