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Expert AdWords Optimization, Setup & Consulting

Meet Ty Whittingham, he leads a team of AdWords Experts who will help you analyze and optimize your AdWords campaigns. AdWords is increasingly competitive and errors can be costly. Give your business the edge it needs to generate a positive ROI.

We Grow Businesses

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing director for a publicly traded company, we have a proven track record of making businesses of all sizes successful with Google Adwords (now called Google Ads).

Get More Out Of Your Google Ads Account

We increase your return on ad spend through a/b testing and advanced programmatic management techniques. Our optimization process uses a combination of machine learning and human expertise. 

Improve your results (aka profit) month-over-month

Have A Winning Team On Your Side. Tyler is a co-founder of adMind, leaders in analytics and programmatic advertising. After only 2 years of being in business, we have quickly risen to the top 1% of Google’s Partner rankings through superior customer service and advertising performance.

Special Offer For Active Accounts

We bet we can improve the ROI of your Google Ads account. To find out exactly how, Schedule An Account Review by clicking the green button below. 



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GA4 Basic

Transfer All Universal Analytics Tracking to GA4

Anything you are tracking now in Universal Analytics we will make sure you are also tracking in GA4.

Set Up Conversions in GA4

You likely have a list of important conversion actions that inform your core KPI’s, we’ll make sure those are all set up.

Set Up Audiences in GA4

GA4 has a slightly different way of grouping data that relies heavily on proper audience creation, we’ll make sure your audiences are set up in a way that makes sense for your business objectives.

Integrate Big Query to Preserve Data

If you don’t set up the Big Query connection you’ll lose your historical Universal Analytics data, we’ll make sure this integration is done correctly.