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One simple trick to writing great ads

Click here, buy now, learn more! A solid call to action is definitely a key component to writing a great ad. However, is it in the most important aspect?

What if the user never gets to the call to action? What if they simply skim over the ad never to think about it again? Well, then you lose. So how do you get people to click on your ads? What prompts somebody to interrupt their browsing experience and divert their attention to whatever you’re selling them?

Of course, the ad must be relevant to the content it’s displayed against or the users interests, but there’s more to it than that that… must be relevant to their surroundings.

Take a look at the screenshot from one of our clients AdWord’s campaigns for a sales and marketing conference. The event was to take place in Provo Utah and their target audience is anybody in the state who has an interest in sales and marketing, or is browsing content related to those topics.

The losing ad, sales & marketing show was too vague. The runner-up potentially seemed to spammy. The champion however, caught the user’s attention by first pointing out that the show would be in Utah. When an ad is relevant to the user’s surroundings they typically tend to achieve much higher response rates than generic ads, getting you lower cost per clicks and more overall volume in your campaign.

Ponder this before you write your next ad. Don’t just spam the user or right super vague and feeling cocky speak directly to the user’s heart and they will respond 🙂



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