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Recovering Access to Your Google Analytics Account

If you are an admin and you have lost your account password or your Google Analytics admin has left your business, you will need to regain access to your Google Analytics account. You are not alone. Follow these steps.

Prove Site Ownership

Prove your site ownership by uploading an analytics.txt at your site root. Here’s a description of what the file needs to contain.

Prove Linked Account Ownership

Gather proof of ownership information for any linked AdWords or AdSense accounts. Described here as well.

Submit Google Support Form

After you have your analytics.txt file uploaded and have your linked account ownership information, fill out and submit the Google support form.

Await Response from Google

You’ll receive an email or phone call from your Google Support Specialist to follow up with you and help you resolve your access issue.



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GA4 Basic

Transfer All Universal Analytics Tracking to GA4

Anything you are tracking now in Universal Analytics we will make sure you are also tracking in GA4.

Set Up Conversions in GA4

You likely have a list of important conversion actions that inform your core KPI’s, we’ll make sure those are all set up.

Set Up Audiences in GA4

GA4 has a slightly different way of grouping data that relies heavily on proper audience creation, we’ll make sure your audiences are set up in a way that makes sense for your business objectives.

Integrate Big Query to Preserve Data

If you don’t set up the Big Query connection you’ll lose your historical Universal Analytics data, we’ll make sure this integration is done correctly.