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What Channel of Marketing Should My Small Business Start Marketing With First?

Most small businesses struggle deciding where they should market first. The first marketing dollars can often be the riskiest; if you don’t already have cash flowing in, you need to generate a return much faster. What marketing channel is best for your business to try first? Well, ask yourself these simple questions and that should help point you in the right direction.

Is your product something people need before you sell it to them? Do you sell either a product or service that solves a well known problem? I.E. A Handy Man, Plumber, Food, Tire Service, Repair Service Etc. If this is the case, search is likely the best platform for you to start with. The reason that you should start with search is because the intent to purchase a solution is already there, either caused by a problem or an inconvenience that the potential customer already knows they need a solution for.

Is your product something people don’t yet know they need? If people need to learn about your product because it is something new to market, then social, display or video traffic will likely be best for you. These types of ads are disruptive, meaning that we know people are going to be doing something already on a site and we want to entice them to do something different. This way of marketing can introduce your customers to the new idea, but while they are doing something familiar. These products could include apparel, sports equipment, games, entertainment, media, apps, Etc.

If you need help getting your ad seen in the competitive world that is paid traffic, reach out to one of our specialists and we can help you decide what is best for you.



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