Working at adMind

Imagine a person drowning in the water and you get to be the person who saves them, in our case the person is a marketer, the water is data and YOU are their rescuer.

Open Roles

Check out the open positions to see where your skills are a fit for what we offer our clients.

3 Reasons to Join adMind

We know you have options for your career development, here are 3 things we think make adMind the right next step.

Opportunity for Growth

The need for proper marketing analytics environments grows every day. At adMind you'll be well positioned to develop new skills and take on larger roles as we grow.

Skill Development

adMind is contracted by some of the worlds largest brands to help build their analytics systems. This diverse set of needs will give you the chance to develop and master skills you wouldn't otherwise be able to.

Work Life Integration

Life is never balanced. It's not about clocking equal time, it's about making sure you can be the best version of yourself in your career and outside of it.

We Will Make Sure You Are Prepared

You want to take a step forward in your career, and we can help you do it.

  • Career Development

    You're going to get better at what you already do.

  • Ongoing Training

    We'll help you fill in any existing knowledge gaps.

  • Diversify Skills

    You'll get opportunities to grow skills outside of what you have now.

  • Flexible PTO

    Take all the time you need as long as your responsibilities are handled.

  • Work Life Integration

    Arrange your schedule to make sure you're living your best life for yourself.

  • Positioned For Growth

    adMind is a profitable company at the beginning of a massive growth curve.

Our Collective Background

Being in charge of marketing data collection is a difficult place for marketers to find themselves, we get it. Before coming to adMind we all wrestled with marketing data, it’s why we started adMind. Through the years we’ve come to understand what it takes to get the right mix of people, process and technology in place to build proper analytics practices that scale as your business grows.


Custom web analytics audits delivered in the last 7 years.


Team members here in Salt Lake City, UT.


The number of times we haven’t been able to help.

Lots of Specialties, One Goal

We help businesses measure the impact of their marketing.

Working at adMind

The last 10 years of my career have been spent as a Project Manager in some aspect of the digital space. I thought I knew analytics….oh how I was wrong. adMind has been the most challenging company I have ever worked for. The job is hard. But it is also rewarding and enlightening and I feel as though I have grown more in the 3 years since joining this group then I did the 10 years previous. adMind naturally brings our your inquisitive nature and challenges you to question beyond the obvious. On top of that, we have prioritized the best work/life balance focusing on the well-being of the employees who work here above anything else. I like to think I am one of the most knowledgeable, well-rounded Project Managers in this space and I have adMind to thank for that.

It starts with a call to discuss your business goals and immediate analytics needs. Then we perform a strategic audit to see if you have the right technology to support your goals, if that technology is configured properly and tracking accurately. This often spans a review of your analytics tech stack, acquisition platforms, CRMs and any other tech toys you may have on the shelf.

Once we know your goals and have diagnosed where you sit today we can create a roadmap for building out a proper analytics practice. You may decide to load all that work into a few months or over a longer period of time based on what is important to know now, and what you’d like to build towards knowing in the future.

Brands That That Come to Us For Marketing Analytics


Where are the offices located?

The offices are located at 8661 S Sandy Parkway in Sandy Utah.

We’re in an office park located about a 1/2 mile north of the Maverick on I-15 and 90th South.

We’re just a 2 minute drive to all the restaurants near Top Golf in Murray. Lunch spots include, Cafe Rio, R&R, Pretty Bird, Mo Bettah, Popeyes, and more.

A single stop light separates us from the freeway, so getting here is pretty quick regardless of where you live in the valley.

What is the in-office situation?

Right now we’re operating with a hybrid model. Some folks like coming in and having a consistent work space, others prefer working from home and use ‘hotel desks’ that are available in the office for days they want or need to come in.

What does the office look like?

We’re glad you asked.

Just because we’re scrappy doesn’t mean we can’t look the part.

We’re putting up new wall graphics, wall art and furniture upgrades each month.

We have a full residential kitchen with stocked pantry.

We just remodeled our bathrooms with the number one measurable being ‘comfort.’ Full size mirrors, high end toilets, bathroom amenities for days.

You don’t need to come into the office every day, but when you do, we want it to be a place you enjoy coming to.

What are some adMind perks?

adMind has standard health, dental and life insurance benefits. After 2 years of employment those premiums are covered 100%.

We enjoy the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month off. 

We have a stocked pantry and full kitchen when you’re hungry. 

Once a month we do a company sponsored activity, mini golf, catching a movie, game tournaments, pizza making.

We provide the equipment you’ll need to work both in office and at home.

What is the company culture like?

We want to bring people in to adMind who are internally motivated to learn as much as they can from every role or responsibility they have. 

We call this type of person an ‘A player.’ 

People who are A players have a high standard of performance for themselves and don’t need external motivation to do their best.

Because we only choose to hire A players the culture here is collaborative, functional, results driven and devoid of politics and ego. 

What are the core company values?

Be growth minded.

Take extreme ownership.

Value progress over perfection.

Be in love with the problem?

How long has adMind been around?

adMind opened it’s doors in 2016 as a digital marketing service specializing in paid media.

As time progressed we discovered the huge need our clients had for proper analytics work, so we made a pivot to lean more into analytics consulting while still offering PPC management. 

Over the years our expertise has grown in the areas of marketing analytics, data warehousing and insight generation.

Moving forward we hope to continue helping marketers ‘measure the impact of their marketing’ through proper analytics practice.

What about the clients adMind works with?

Our clients are generally at a point where their marketing data has grown beyond the bandwidth of their internal marketing teams.

Typically this happens after a company has achieved product market fit and wants to scale their growth, or is a funded start up looking to make sure they get the most from their marketing budget.

A typical client will be spending $50k to $5M per month in digital media spend and have an marketing team of 5+ people.

Our role is to come in and design a better analytics solution, using their people, our process and the technology best suited to their business. 

We don’t sell a SaaS for analytics, we help teams design, implement and learn from a proper analytics practice of accurately collection data, properly joining it and displaying it in a way that makes sense for their team.